Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Weekly Horoscope (07.01 - 13.01)

Aries (21.03 - 20.04) 
Aries traders have excellent prospects in trading on the Forex this week. In order to achieve truly impressive results, stars recommend you to improve your approach to market analysis and make it more systematic, versatile - so your methods will be even more effective. This week, there probably won't be any situations requiring risky actions from your side, and Aries, which have inner dislike to risk will certainly enjoy it.
Taurus (21.04 - 21.05)
Tauruses this week will have to fight their emotions, which would seriously interfere with your trading. Your mood will change for no reason, as your trading decisions. Therefore stars recommend Tauruses, if possible, to stay out of the market or to give their money in the hands of a professional manager trader - thus you will have more chances to save money and grow. If you listen to advice of the stars, you will get time to think over the situation on which you need to make a decision and free your self from the uncertainty.
Gemini (22.05 - 21.06)
Professional flair can fail Geminis this week. Especially painful this may be on the representatives of this sign, who've always greatly relied on their intuition. However, you should not ignore your gut feeling completely: just be more careful and cautious, do not neglect fundamental and technical analysis - combine the information that inner voice whispers to you, and you will succeed!
Cancer (22.06 - 22.07)
Stars promise Cancers generally favorable week for Forex trading, but warn that you can fail because of your inability to admit mistakes. The situation might occur when things go against your plans, but try to understand your mistake and learn from it, otherwise you are in the risk to repeat it again and again. Avoid trading currency pairs with the Australian dollar. Spend weekends away from trading outdoors.
Leo (23.07 - 23.08)
Sometimes even confident Leos can doubt their abilities. Exactly this inner state is expected from the representatives of this sign this week: You will feel that you have enough funds in the account in order to get a profit, you're going for. In addition, you will feel a lack of knowledge. However, do not be too critical with your self. Think about your best times and revenues that you managed to get through with the help of your talent and professional trader's intuition. If you doubt in your strength - refer to asset management services.
Virgo (24.08 - 23.09)
Many Virgins, possess exceptional analytical skills and they would have been able to achieve in Forex trading mind-blowing results, if not for their sick attitude to failure and, in particular, loss. Understand that you cannot always make profit, loss - is inevitable. However, their number can be minimized, if not to give up and trade again and again. Cease to treat capital losses as the end of the world, and you will see that Fortune has prepared for you much greater opportunities to earn. In particular, pay attention to USD/JPY pair.
Libra (24.09 - 23.10)
Libras this week will have good luck in all cases, including trading in Forex. However, the pitfall in your financial swimming could be your tendency to doubt - it often keeps you from decisions that potentially could be fatal. Stop doubting, focus on trade, listen to yourself, and do it! Stars advise you to reconsider this attitude to trading as soon as possible, because this week you will have a great opportunity to break a big jackpot - do not miss it!
Scorpio (24.10 - 22.11)
For Scorpios week is unlikely to be profitable, as a cruel joke traders of this sing often forget to set stop-losses. In the first half of the week you can lose a significant amount because of it. However, if you show the wonders of foresight, the situation can turn into a success for you, so think about what the outcome would be preferable for you, and take appropriate action. As for the trading, good luck will accompany Scorpios who trade the following currency pairs: EUR/USD and USD/JPY.
Sagittarius (23.11 - 21.12) 
Sagittariuses this week will be chased by mistakes in the manual trading, so try to keep such trading to a minimum and give preference to a mechanical trading system. To avoid losses, stop doing trading for a moment and get involved in some other activity. A good option for you will be investing, particularly in the stock market tools. Examine the market: perhaps you will find a great and potentially lucrative option of investing in securities.
Capricorn (22.12 - 20.01) 
Capricorn this week, a good service will serve the fundamental analysis. However, if you are not good at it, use only proven analytics and business experts. It is not necessary to use several analytical sources simultaneously, otherwise you may get lost in the view that, of course, will not benefit your trading. Toward the end of the week Capricorns need to be attentive to what people are saying around: someone accidentally tossed phrase will help you find the answer to your question long tantalizing.
Aquarius (21.01 - 19.02)
Many Aquariuses completed last year not as successfully as they wanted. And now, for the representatives of this sign is coming time most suitable for the analysis of trading techniques and strategies or changing trading instruments. After all, if today you want to get results, surpassing yesterday's, you'll have to do what you did not do yesterday! So, the time for change is coming. You would do well to consult a more experienced colleague or written on the traders' courses - new professional knowledge you will not interfere.
Рisces (20.02 - 20.03) 
The coming week - is a week of opportunities! A hard-working and talented Pisces the strength to succeed in any industry. But luck will smile to you only if you treat a new case with the utmost seriousness and will not be distracted by external stimulus. This is especially true for representatives of this sign, who decided on their own to learn new trading instruments or completely new kind of earnings. If you connect your innate stubbornness and be really passionate about what you are doing, it is possible that this week you will be able to lay the first brick in the foundation of your new business project.

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