Friday, 4 January 2013

Our Association is constantly improving the services we provide for our traders. The next step in this direction is the creation of exclusive contests where anyone can participate and earn his starting capital.

Joining IAFT traders contests is very easy:
1. Go through simple registration process (if you are not registered at our website).
2. Log in at our website.
3. Register at one of the broker's websites.
4. Download and install MetaTrader4 from your broker's website.
5. In your Personal office click Traders Contests.
6. Choose a contest and enter the following information: Dealing center, the number of the trading account with this company and investor's password.
7. Click Participate and start trading.

You can join the ongoing daily, weekly or monthly contests at any time – even a few days before its completion. The most important is the will and ambition to trade!

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