Friday, 14 December 2012

Why to choose us?

If you endeavour to earn more than others in Forex, the first official International Association of Forex Traders gives you such opportunity.
We provide various beneficial services to all traders apart from rebating 60% of the part of the spread on each transaction. Our total payouts of rewards make up $2,100,705. 

Why to choose us?

  • The defense of traders' interests and comprehensive protection of their rights 
  • Dealing Centers Ratings 
  • Reliable partners 
  • The best selection of analytics 
  • Independent traders forum 
  • Fixed payout timeframe 
  • Substantial insurance fund 
  • Free legal support 
  • No minimal restrictions for withdrawals 
  • Professional technical support 
  • Professional partner program 

Sign up now and join the community of traders who earn more than others!

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