Monday, 17 December 2012

10 Ways to Instantly Feel Better on A Monday

1- Get lots of sleep: Use the weekend as a time let off some steam, but also as a chance to recharge! You will feel more energized and ready to take on the week when Monday rolls around.
2- Make Monday your early day: Since you have had the weekend to relax, get up early on Monday morning and go for a run or to the gym. The early morning workout will pump you up for the day.
3- Buy yourself flowers: Sound crazy? It’s not! Buy a small bouquet of flowers to keep on your desk all week. The little touch of color and piece of summer will be just the boost you need.
4- Get up and stretch: It’s totally easy to fall into the Monday blues, sitting at your desk and feeling like you could doze off at any second. Get up, walk around the office and visit with coworkers for five minutes. It’ll feel great!
5- Promise yourself that Monday is your healthy day: Start the day with a healthy breakfast, like a delicious smoothie or a big bowl of fruit and yogurt. When lunch rolls around, opt for a fresh salad with lots of veggies.
6- Use your lunch hour as time for fresh air: Get up and go for a vigorous walk during your lunch break. Even bring some friends from the office! This will be the perfect combo of a little exercise, fresh air and social time.
7- Organize your whole week: Take some time to review your calendar and figure out what you have going on and what you need to accomplish by the end of the week. Make a to do list.
8- Treat yourself: Treat yourself to a special coffee or a green tea in the early afternoon. It will be the perfect break from work and will give you that delicious little boost you need.
9- Drink lots of water: Believe it or not staying hydrated helps give you energy, and it’s the easiest thing to forget when you’re at work. Keep a big water bottle on your desk and go for it!
10- Enjoy the day: Remember, attitude is everything. Approach each week (even on Monday) excited and energized for what may come and you will be happier and ready for success!

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