Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Trader's Horoscope

Aries (21.03 - 20.04) 
Aries this week will have to learn how to turn down their pride and how to admit mistakes – even if you fail to bring back those people who you pushed away, than in the future this lesson of humility will serve you good. The same can be said for trading: right now colleague traders might give a lot of precious pieces of advice. Even if you are sure that you know by your self how to do better, do not neglect other recommendations. It will be wise to listen to it: just in case you might have missed something? Nobody's perfect.
Taurus (21.04 - 21.05)
Tauruses – are well-known admirers to feel worried about everything. Even now they are in doubts. But try to understand that it is not in your powers to control everybody, so letting go the situation is for the best. All in all it poisons your life. In trading in the Forex do not get loose: you know that your weakest place - is emotional instability. Now it will constantly remind of itself, meaning that this week you'd rather do automatics trading.
Gemini (22.05 - 21.06)
Gemini's willingness to be in the center of attention all the time can be of a bad service this week. This entirely relates to traders who were born under this zodiac sign. If all of a sudden you feel the desire to show the world what a brilliant trader you are, it is better to drop this idea, as in trading one should focus on the trading, but not on one's person. If you stick to this advice you might make quote a profit. Especially beneficial will be trading USD/JPY pair.
Cancer (22.06 - 22.07)
Cancer traders this week will get back to the issue, that was supposed to be solved later. Stars recommend you to put some efforts in it, as New Year is coming, so do not leave any problems behind your shoulders. But spend all your strengthen on solving of the existing problem than you won't have any time left for trading, so the best variant would be to use asset management service on investment, for example into securities.
Leo (23.07 - 23.08)
Many Leos are doing better than ever now – as in personal life, as well as in financial markets, that is why they are literally shining brightly. However try not to waste this energy this and there – save it, as this week a lot of work is expected. Besides, even some losses might occur. Probably, it will be connected with technical malfunction or Internet break ups, that why please be careful in trading and do not open excessively large positions.
Virgo (24.08 - 23.09)
Stars foreseen Virgos quite a successful week. On Monday or Tuesday you should pay attention to EUR/USD pair. If you are able to correctly choose a moment of entering the market you will have a good chance making some profit on this pair. Chances of winning might go up if you combine in your work technical and fundamental analysis. On weekends forget about business and spend some time in a family circle – it will refill you with energy for the next week.
Libra (24.09 - 23.10)
Libra traders are going to have hard and intense work that will require maximum attention and efforts. But if you cope with it successfully – reward will be generous. For those who wanted to use new indicator or strategy, very favorable period is coming – experiment. There is a chance that by the end of the week some body will try to foll you around, so do not be afraid to stay cautious with financial organizations or an unknown people.
Scorpio (24.10 - 22.11)
It is not excluded that in the first half of the week your trading advisor may fail you, so stars recommend Scorpio traders on Monday-Wednesday make trading decisions on ones own, only on the basis of your experience and knowledge. It would be better to listen to your intuition – this week it will be sharpened. One more thing: avoid fundamental analysis – now it will not bring you any good, but only make understanding of trends more complex.
Sagittarius (23.11 - 21.12)
Sagittariuses are spending a lot of time and energy to process the information that has no practical use for them. That is what complicates decision-making for you. You can not separate the data you need from the information husk and that often confuse you. Learn how to filter the information - and you will be surprised how much easier it would be to live and trade. As for trade, the chances of success will be much higher in the second half of the week - use them!
Capricorn (22.12 - 20.01)
Fortune will soon provide Capricorns the opportunity to demonstrate their trader's talent. So, towards the end of the week you might have at your disposal a large sum of borrowed money, so try to use them for your advantage. Furthermore, the period will be fortunate to start cooperation with investment funds. This week, you should not be afraid of difficulties that may arise on your way. No matter what happens, think of any event as a valuable experience that will definitely help you in the future.
Aquarius (21.01 - 19.02)
Whether by chance or by the will of fate, but this week will bring some useful meetings for Aquariuses, the result of which may be a strong business relationship, and perhaps new friends. So do not pass up invitations to visit one or another event - this week, any of them can be life-changing for you. And your intellectual activity will be amplified, so look at the complex trading indicators - now you can easily understand them.
Рisces (20.02 - 20.03)
Рisces finally managed to clean up the mountain of problems, so now the representatives of this sign are in good spirits. Due to the high level of positive energy stars recommend Pisces traders to aim it in the right direction - into the trade. Positive attitude will intensify your intuition, so do not forget to listen to it - and you will be able to protect yourself from unreasonable risk and properly open and close positions.

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