Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Union's News / New Partner: FXGlobe

Union's News

Dear IAFT customers!

We inform you that the IAFT partners' list has been replenished with a new company — FXGlobe.

FXGlobe realizes full responsibility and role in providing the best trading technology, high-quality information resources, liquidity and the highest level of customer`s orders execution.

The company takes seriously this responsibility and always meets the needs of customers. Regulators - New Zealand (license - FSP236945), Australia (license - AFSL 379035), Cyprus (license - CySEC 205/13), an independent arbitration structure - FSCL.

Information on the FXGlobe company can be found in the following sections:“Full Brokers List”, “Compare Forex Brokers”, “Brokers' Profiles”, as well as in “All Brokers Ratings”.

Best regards,
IAFT Administration


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