Thursday, 30 January 2014

Union's News / Exclusive bonus “44 x 4” - only for IAFT clients!

Union's News

Dear traders!

FreshForex” company prepared an exclusive offer for IAFT clients - “44 x 4” bonus!

During a month, from January 28 to February 28 open trading account in the company and get bonus at the rate of 44% from replenishment which provides you with following benefits:
- 44% to protection against drawdown; - 44% to increase of trading volume; - 44% of bonus funds you can withdraw; - the right to obtain + 33% to your deposit for each further replenishment.

To get bonus, you need:

1. Open trading account in the company;
2. Confirm personal data;
3. Switch your account to “33 x 3” bonus plan;
4. Replenish your account with the amount over 200 USD;
5. Contact client support service to get 44% bonus.

Please pay attention that this offer is only effective for new clients. *

Wish you success in trading!

*clients attached by IAFT partner group from January 28, 2014.

Detailed terms of the promotion

Best regards,
IAFT Administration

Read the news at the official website...


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