Monday, 13 May 2013

Weekly trader’s Horoscope by the IAFT (13.05—19.05)


Aries (21.03 - 20.04)
Stars advise that Arieses this week should closely monitor the fickle market to let important details remain in your vision. Before deciding to trade, you should check your terminal settings to avoid unpleasant surprises, but if you want to try a new Forex trading approach, try it in the middle of the week. There comes the right time to participate in the partnership programs. It is possible that this type of additional profit will become a regular one. Either on Thursday or Friday, it is better to take a small trading break to relax and chat with your close friends.

Taurus (21.04 - 21.05)
This week, Tauruses can be full of excitement and the competition spirit as well. You should direct your emotions in the right way — take, for instance, contests' participation on demo accounts. There is a strong likelihood that luck will be on your side and you will take one of the prize places. Surging emotions may not give you a peace of mind until the end of the week. Therefore, if you experience too much stress, then you should try to forget about work for at least a couple of days. If you have any problems with a managing trader or Forex broker, then it is likely that they may be resolved either on Thursday or Friday. These are your favourable days to resolve different disputable questions. At the end of the week, put all your trading records in order.

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