Tuesday, 14 May 2013

IAFT to Award the Best Brokers

Finally, the voting on the IAFT Awards website comes to an end, which was organized by the largest professional organization in Runet - the International Association of Forex Traders. Winners in 14 categories will be determined in the next few days - they will receive their deserved awards, as well as the audience recognition.

IAFT have chosen this method of voting and determining winners for a special reason, since traders are the only ones to assess the reliability and convenience of the working operation with a broker. Thus, the IAFT Awards laureates are the real "audience favorites" who managed to earn the customers' trust. Some companies have already firmly taken a leader's hold in the nominations, while the rest of them continue to fight for the pedestal.

The final results of the independent voting will be announced on May 17, and this also means that you can still vote for your favorite company on the awards website - who knows, maybe your vote will be decisive when choosing the winner.

Hurry up and make your choice!

Cast your vote for the company that you think most deserves to win!

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