Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Exclusive IAFT analytics / The Euro and Stocks Indices Decreased After Italian Elections

The election results in Italy still caused some uncertainty in the markets that, in turn, triggered the sales of risky assets, due to which the stock indices decreased and the euro even lost nearly 300 points. Doubts that the new government will continue to implement Mario Monti's reforms to combat the financial crisis, returned the anti risky market sentiment amid the increased concerns about the ability of the Eurozone to overcome the financial crisis.

Planned for today:15:00 — UK. CBI Reported Sales;
18:00 — USA. House Price Index (MoM);
19:00 — USA. New Home Sales (MoM);
19:00 — USA. Richmond Fed Manufact. Index;
19:00 — USA. Consumer Confidence.

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