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Weekly Horoscope (04.03—10.03)


Aries (21.03 - 20.04) This week, your success will largely depend on how well you are able to filter the incoming information — you will have to choose only the most useful one from the entire data stream and put it into your trading. In addition, on Tuesday and Wednesday, you should be careful when trading your favorite financial instruments, since there is a likelyhood of their fluctuations in them. The end of the week is better to devote to the long term planning, and the weekends — to your spiritual practices that will help you gain strength and energy for the next working week, that is going to be very rough.

Taurus (21.04 - 21.05) During the first half of the week Tauruses are going to activate their intellectual abilities, that is best reflected in their trading results. You will be able to successfully analyze the market using technical indicators, and accurately predict the market turns. This period will be very profitable for your trading, but on Thursday-Friday, it may be worsened due to the deterioration of your health. Most likely, you will have just a common cold and you will need to rest and stay in bed. If you follow all your doctor's instructions, then on Monday, you will recover full of ideas to resume your trades.

Gemini (22.05 - 21.06) Gemini, investing in the real estate and trading in the stock market as well, will manage to  smoothly work the business out. Though, this does not exclude the possibility that you are nervous because of some very high-risk transactions. But in the end, you will achieve a good result, which may even exceed your expectations. But Gemini's, working in the Forex market, will not manage to  smoothly trade there, thus they should avoid deals with those pairs in which there is the Swiss franc and the euro as well. It is advisable to fully dedicate your weekends to the domestic affairs — this time,  this is an advantageous period for bottoming the house or your dwelling's repairing duties.

Cancer (22.06 - 22.07) This week, studying will come natural for Cancers — their attention will be increased, they will manage to improve the information's perception, as well as its assimilation. Take advantage of this moment and visit traders' courses or participate in webinars. If you prefer self-study and reading books, pay more attention to the literature on fundamental analysis. The acquired knowledge will help you to correct and improve your trading strategy. The most auspicious days for trading —  Wednesday and Thursday, but on Friday, it is better to stay out of the market.

Leo (23.07 - 23.08) This week promises Leos to have beneficial acquaintances with their  fellow traders. Listen to their useful tips on trading, you can see the weaknesses in your strategy and eliminate them. Stars strongly recommend you to subdue your pride and leave it to other situations. You have to understand that there is nothing wrong with that, when you are to take your colleagues' sincere help, and it will not harm your self-esteem. Following their sensible tips, you will be able to trade fairly well during the coming days, but under the condition that you will refrain from experimentation when selecting the trading tool and will only work with common currencies, securities, etc.

Virgo (24.08 - 23.09) This week, Virgos will be successful in all their businesses that require creativity and the innovative thinking as well. Your developed imagination and a sharp mind will help you to stand favorably out among your colleagues and receive some interesting offers. Perhaps, you will have a career promotion or receive an interesting and lucrative job. But as for your trading, cooperation and various dialogs as well will not be much successful. You can receive an attractive, at first glance, partnership proposal with promising uper profits. Be careful before you give consent, be sure about the integrity of the broker.

Libra (24.09 - 23.10) During the next few days, it is better that Libras should use the intraday trading strategy, as well as new indicators and methods of work in the foreign exchange market. Feel free to experiment — you will work out well. But do not be greedy and do not forget to set take-profits. By the end of the week your mood may be a bit spoiled, because you will have a bad news related to your professional business. Most likely, it will be a delay in implementation of a business project for which you had high hopes. But do not be in a hurry to be upset — Stars say, it is only a temporary wire.

Scorpio (24.10 - 22.11) Earlier this week, Scorpios may have some pleasant surprises from the broker with whom they collaborate. Perhaps, you will be informed of the victory in a contest, but may be you will win the auction or the receive the prize as well. But even your rewards and efforts in the financial field are not the reason to relax! Do not give in to emotions and excessive joy, since they can seriously disturb your trading. Enter the market only when you fully verify your decision rationality. In addition, Stars would recommend that you are to be very careful when dealing with basic indicators, as well as to refrain from trading the Japanese yen.

Sagittarius (23.11 - 21.12) This week, Sagittarius will manage to overcome laziness and apathy that will have impact on all spheres of their lives. Since the market unforgives inattention and distraction, which will be basic for you during the next five days, thus it is better take a supervisory position, but not make any important decisions. During this period, it is wise that you should take some time out and relax from all your work and worries — you cannot always be "spinning like a squirrel in a cage." At the end of the week, your activities and inspiration will come back to you, thus srtarting from Monday, you will certainly manage to make up for lost time.

Capricorn (22.12 - 20.01) Capricorns, trading in the Forex market, are advised to avoid the "bullish" sentiment, but are recommended trading the euro. You'll need to quickly react to the unexpected news coming from Europe, thus be extremely careful. The most successful day for trading — Thursday: you will easily determine the appropriate time to enter the market and make a good profit — much higher than expected. It is advisable that you should spend the weekend with family and friends, and if the weather permits, you can take a stroll with them outdoors.

Aquarius (21.01 - 19.02) Aquarius, working in Forex, will have to concentrate all their efforts on technical analysis this week. Using your analytical skills and an outstanding mind will help you achieve a good result, which would greatly replenish your trading account. If you trade in the stock market, do not rush to follow the example of other traders and buy the same paper, which they did before. During this period, there is a high probability of either false alarm or misleading information regarding this/that company. You should independently assess the situation and only then, you will be able to avoid major losses.

Рisces (20.02 - 20.03) On Monday and Tuesday, Pisces are advisable not to trade actively. You should open position only in those cases, when you have the most compelling reason for this. If in this case you are able to competently use the support and resistance levels, then your chances of success would significantly increase. During the second half of the week, you are expected to have important negotiations due to which you build a strong foundation for the future partnerships and highly favorable joint business. Just be sure you are properly prepared for this meeting! At the weekend, you are to pay attention to your health — go in for sports or just do exercises.
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